A word on the summer and shameless self-promotion . . .

Just to apologize that The Feminist Spectator has been on hiatus this last month.  Although I’ve not been posting, I’ve been writing.  Palgrave Macmillan is publishing selected entries from the blog in book form, along with 30% new material, which means I’ve been writing essays for the book instead of for the blog.

The book, called The Feminist Spectator in Action:  Feminist Criticism for Stage and Screen, includes a narrative introduction, head-notes, and an extended “how-to” section (as in how to write feminist criticism).  Palgrave anticipates publication in spring 2013.

Another shameless plug:  My first book, The Feminist Spectator as Critic, will be reissued in a new edition by the University of Michigan Press in fall 2012.  I’ve written an extended new introduction for the book and included a new bibliography.  So much has changed since the book was first published in 1988 . . .

Both of these projects have given me a wonderful opportunity this summer to reflect on the state of feminism and theatre, performance, film, and popular culture.  I regret that the blog has been idle, but all this work will be available soon.

I’m back to blogging now, looking forward to catching up on summer films and eagerly awaiting the fall theatre season and all the great work it promises to bring.

Thanks for reading, as always,

The Feminist Spectator

3 thoughts on “A word on the summer and shameless self-promotion . . .

  1. Excited to read about your new project, Jill. I’m especially looking forward to reading your new intro to The Feminist Spectator as Critic. Great news!

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