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For the last nearly six years (since August 2005), I’ve mostly used the occasion of this blog to indulge in long-form essays about theatre, film, performance, television, and anything else that catches my fancy.
But lately, I’ve become aware that because I take some time to draft and craft these posts, I wind up commenting on much less than I actually see.  Time goes by and I lose the opportunity to write about many more of the things that capture my imagination or simply catch my eye.
So, in addition to my typical essay-length posts, I’m going to start trying to incorporate shorter writing in The Feminist Spectator, under these general rubrics (since I’ve always loved alliteration):
The Feminist Spectator Saw, which will let me write shorter posts about worthy productions or cultural events; The Feminist Spectator Seethes, which will offer opportunities for sounding off about things that make me angry; and The Feminist Spectator Suggests, which will let me call your attention to various events, groups, performers, writers, playwrights, and more that I haven’t been able to get to, but that seem interesting and worthy.  I often get invitations to see or write about work that time prevents me from accepting.  But there’s no reason I shouldn’t use this blog to get the word out.
Thanks, as usual, for reading.  And don’t hesitate to be directly in touch at jsdolan@Princeton.edu.
The Feminist Spectator

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