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Hello Friends, I’m finally returning to this blog, after too many months of other obligations that took me too far away.

As I begin posting again, I also want to call your attention to a few new additions on the rest of the site.

Under “books,” you’ll find the link to The Feminist Spectator in Action:  Feminist Criticism for the Stage and Screen, which will be out in July 2013 from Palgrave Macmillan.

Under “articles,” you’ll find my recent Theatre Topics piece on teaching and mentoring, as well as my Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism essay on women’s music and affect.

Under “lectures,” you’ll (soon) find the keynote I presented with Stacy Wolf at the Mid-America Theatre Conference in St. Louis in March 2013.

Under “interviews,” you’ll find a discussion I moderated at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in May 2013 with Holly Hughes, Erin Markey, and Joseph Keckler on queer institutionalization, and an interview with Prof. Anne Basting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Jewish identity and performance, also from May 2013.

Under teaching, you’ll (soon) find syllabi from my most recent classes, including Fall 2012’s “Women in American Theatre” and “Theatre and Society,” and Spring 2013’s “For Your Viewing Pleasure:  Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture.”

I hope all these are useful to you one way or another as resources.

Good to be back, all best,

The Feminist Spectator

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