Performing Que(e)ries Part IV: Holly Hughes in conversation with Jill Dolan (May 7, 2013)

On Queer Institutionalization: Lauded queer performance artist Holly Hughes joins theatre scholar Jill Dolan to discuss the genealogy of her politics and aesthetics as a queer artist in New York, informed by her experiences at venues like the WOW Café, to the development of her pedagogy as a professor at the University of Michigan. Many artists like Hughes have transitioned into the university in order to sustain their work as queer performers. How is the lived experience of collective queer artistic communities transferred to the institutional atmosphere and how does queerness translate into pedagogy and remain transgressive? How do we deal with the taboo of a faculty member as a sexual creature? Can queerness be translated through teaching and/or training in a way that students can experience queerness outside of the community for which it was intended? What is it mean to teach LGBT history by asking your students to embody lesbians and lesbian desire? An excerpt from The Well of Horniness will be performed by Hughes’ current and former students in addition to the talk.


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